Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't written for awhile, we seam to get so envolved in our work that the days go so fast.We have met some wonderful people here. Every week we find a few more. It's like doing you Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching everyday. We try to find people we haven't met yet and then visit the ones we know, to see how they are doing. Most of them have gardens at different stages of development.  they all need encourgment and help.  The couple we took to get their Marriage Licence last Mo. have finnaly set a date.its next Sat July 7th at 11 am here at the Chapel.
We went to a Stampede (Rodeo)  the first of June. It was fun. they don't have bleachers to sit on so you either sit on your horse or sit in your truck. We sat in our truck.   This is a couple of boys who were riding around and around the arena 
These little girls were going for a cool drink.

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