Monday, July 9, 2012

We have a new Great Grandson Colton Bastin was born June 27th 2012, at 1am  he weight 6# 2oz and was 18ins. long. He was born to Chantel Pennington Bastin and Dean Bastin in Olympia WA. Mother and baby are doing fine. We are so happy to welcome this little boy into our family. We wish we could go visit him, but we are busy serving the Lord in Steamboat AZ When we are finished here next May we plan to visit him and his family.

On a sadder note we have lost 3 very dear friends this last Month First an old friend from Grants Pass OR Deloy Armstrong passed away at 84 years of age. We knew Deloy and his wife Marge and thier family in the 70's. we were both building home's in Grants Pass. Our older children grew up with theirs. Deloy was a great friend in the Gospel and  an example to Bill and I and our family.

In Mountain Home AR a dear friend Levi Oveson also passed away, he to was 84 and a wonderful friend. He was one of the first to welcome us to Mountain Home and always made us feel at home in our new ward. he always had a big smile and a hearty handshake. We will miss his love and concern for us.

then in Longview WA a distant cousin and wonderful friend passes away. Sharon and her husband Val lived in Grants Pass in the 70's our children grew up together. Val passed away Last year, We know they are happy together again. We are thankful that last Sept. we were able to have a wonderful visit with Sharon. She will always be close to our hearts.

We are blessed to have known these wonderful Brothers and Sister in the Gospel they were great examples to us of Brotherly Love and careing for the people around them. They will be greatly missed here on earth but are welcomed with opened arms of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. They are wonderful examples of enduring to the end.

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