Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yah ta hey ya all. What a gorgeous sabbath day. We had 37 people in sacrament meeting today.Only 5 of us were'nt Navajo. President Bitsoie setup the sacrament table each Sunday and only used one slice of bread and 26 cups of water.I blessed the sacrament and of course we ran out of bread and I had to go to the kitchen get another slice, break and bless it again. He only set up 26 cups so I had to do same thing with the water, what a great problem to have. We're able to set up a teaching assignment for tuesday afternoon with Delores and her daughter Candice. It will be another busy week, we have to take the rototiller to another 5 gardens and get another load of sawdust. Beginning to learn everyones name. We get hugs from all the little kids and some grandma's. One fellow we have met named Ernest is a great guy he helps all of his neighbors around him and is a latter-day-saint but does'nt know it. I tell him my goal in the next year is to get him wet. He laughs and says a lot of missionaries have tried with no success. Well you all have great day and week. Hug all our grandkids for us. Love ya. 
Elder and Sister Rice

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