Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hi everyone hope this blog find s ya'all doing well we're dong fine.Yesterday was our 53rd anniversery did'nt celebrate much was to busy. It seems in the last two weeks everyone wanted to garden at the last minute, so we've been busy hauling sawdust, fertilizer,seeds and the rototiller everywhere.So far we have put on 6400 miles on our poor old truck since we left home At that rate I am not sure who is going to fall apart first the truck or me.Sister Rice taught the Relief Society sisters how to make laundry soap last night.Today we have 3 or 4 families to visit, one needs a blessing. There is only one Priesthood holder available to assist me.I have to convince sister Gorman to speak in sacrament meeting with me sunday, also the rototiller needs delivered to sister Silver. Guess I had better get started daylight is burning
Love you all Elder and Sister Rice

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