Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ya ta hey everyone we hope everyone is doing well. We have been very busy this last week. Had a District meeting with President Jones and Sister Jones wednesday. That was special they will be leaving us in about a month.We will be getting a new Mission President President and Sister Batt. We have been picking up loads of sawdust for peoples gardens and delivering the rototiller from garden to garden so they can be planted. The sawdust is needed to help loosen the soil because it is so hard. One funny thing happened, at Sister Julia Hildreth's home the garden was all prepared for planting and her grandson Amelio went to plant th seed potatoes we gave her, he could'nt find them. It turned out Sister Julia cooked them for dinner. She is 75 and a sweetheart. Sister Rice and I planted a little garden between our trailer and the fence yesterday. We have go to gallup Monday to get plywood to fix a gate and block behind our steps so the  animals can't get in. A few days ago I heard a bell tinkeling looked out our door and there was a flock of sheep there. Have had great week the Lord is blessing us every day. May the Lord bless each of you especially our children and grandchildren. Love you all.
Elder and Sister Rice.

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