Monday, January 21, 2013

   Hi Everyone, I can't believe I haven't written since Sept.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a quite Christmas, but was very busy
 before and after.
   Christy and Ken and the kids, and Andrew Jiles came to see us just before Thanksgiving.
they only could stay overnight, we had a good visit, it was wonderful.
   We took them for a ride around the reservation. they met Lucy Gorman, the lady who made me a weaving loom, I am learning to weave Navajo Rugs it's fun and hard at the same time.
   We also took them to meet Wilma and Darren Begay and their family, She taught me how to weave on a piece of cardbord. Darren cuts wood for the widows and single moms here and we deliver it.  We took them for a ride up on a ridge where we pick up the wood. It's real high with a cliff on both sides. the kids rode in the back of the truck I thought they would like that.

   We had Thanksgiving with the other Missionaries, in Chinle AZ their were about 60 of us.
We had a Branch Thanksgiving Dinner, and a Branch Christmas Party. A boy Scout Troop from Phonix area brought the kids Christmas toys and Oranges ( about 20 -10# bags) We seperated about 10 bags in 1/2 so we delivered themto 30 families. that was fun.

   Between Christmas and New Years,  Friday night Kelly, Daleen, Mae (her mom) and the kids
surprised us and came to visit. they got to stay until about noon on Monday. We took them to Canyon Deche, it's like a small Grand Canyon. they went to church with us and met lot's of Navajo People. A boy named Quinton ( age 10 ) spent the afternoon playing in the snow with
Morgan and Trevor. they thought it great to play with a real Indian  who could speak  Navajo and English.
   We spent New Year's day with some senior Missionaries in  Window Rock, AZ. 
Oh yes,  I forgot to tell you we got our first snow about a week before Christmas  only a couple of inches, but we got more every few days. it got down to -14 degrees here but most of the time it's about 20. they last few days it's warmed up to the 40s hey snow is almost melted so now we have mud.  right after new years we had broken pipes in the Chapel, It's a double wide trailer with 2 bathrooms and a small Relief Society room ( holds about 14 sisters.)  ony way it flooded about 1/3 of the Chapel and the other rooms, after Elder Rice got the water turned off, we started to remove the water on the floor with a snow-shovel and a mop. finally a man came with an extrater and a heater with ablower and fixed one bathroom.  He came back and fixed the other one and patched the walls later. We had church in our small Primary room in the other building for 3 weeks.

   Yesterday we had Branch Conference.  Pres Brown wanted 76 people there, so we invited everyone we visited for the last 2 weeks. We usualy have  20 or 30 people for church, we thought if we had 50 we would be doing good. We told them we were having lunch afterwards.
Can you believe we had 81 people there for Church, about 12 were Stake people but it was wonderful.  I know the Lord helps us when we need it and he touched the people, and they came.

   Well I better go and finish dinner I already burned the Potatoes. Elder Rice is picking up a load of wood.  We sure miss all of you, we are past 1/2 way, it sure has gone fast see you next Summer. all our LOVE    Elder and Sister Rice

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