Thursday, May 31, 2012


              Went to our first Baptism in Ganado, AZ. A young woman and her son.  Elder Rice conducted and I led the Music. First time I'd led music in 20 years. but I did OK. They have Player Piano's here you punch in a # and tell it Piano or Organ and it plays it for you. kind of cool. 

                                                                     Window Rock AZ
                                                          Capitol of the the Navajo Nation

This is the window in the rock. In front of it is a Park like area with a sidewalk circle where the flags of colors of the Navajo Nation. Red ,Yellow, Blue and White. each is a symbol of something they believe in.
I don't know just what, I'll find out. In front on the left is a statue of a Code Talker. During WW 2  they helped the Army build a code that the Japanese could not decipher. they started with only a handful of Navajo Men who developed the code from Navajo language. by the end of ww2 their were over 400 Code Talkers. this was all classified until about 1968 when they were declassified. and received some recognition. by then a lot of them had died.

                                                                                          Here's Elder Rice standing by the statue 

This is me with the couple we were taking to gat their Marriage licence. Their name's are  Cedric,and Leanna,the baby girl is Jordyn they are eager to get Married. so then they can be Baptized. they live across the street from the Church. Is'nt she a cutie.
these are some of the Navajo Nation Services Buildings
These are some trees along the Highway on the way out of town going back towards Steamboat, AZ they look a little like trees in OR ,only not as many.

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